Taking the Reins

“Taking the Reins performs such a vital service for inner-city girls. And while there are other groups that provide similar opportunities, rarely -if ever- has their story been told so clearly, concisely, and with such honest emotion. This intimate portrait should serve as a powerful recruiting tool for the cause. Well done.”
– Kent Shocknek

“BingsWings Productions and Diane are professional, compassionate, and get to the heart of the story. I was fortunate to work with BingsWings when I was the Program Director for a small nonprofit in Los Angeles called Taking the Reins. Diane took the time to learn about every aspect of the organization and draw out our story, which at that time we were still trying to define. Her interviews got to the heart of Taking the Reins and the final product was stellar, highlighting the importance of our work and helping us to engage a new audience of supporters. It was an amazing experience working with BingsWings and when I am feeling nostalgic and want to get teary-eyed, I re-watch the video; it never ceases to move me – it is a timeless encapsulation of important work.”
– Janiene Langford

“Taking the Reins new promotional video was an outstanding success. It was inspirational, humorous and frankly gave me the chills.
The video is both informational and inspirational opening both hearts and minds and frankly—their wallets.”
-Mike Davis CFRE, TTR fundraising consultant

“Diane knows how to get to the heart of an organization and tell the story in the most beautiful, heartwarming way imaginable.
I saw our facility as I never saw it before. Diane Kelber’s interviews with our girls and their parents told our story and how we brought out the best they had in them—it was just awesome. This video exceeded our expectations.”
-Carol Smith, Interim Executive Director, Taking the Reins

“I can’t say that I cried three times. I started crying one minute in and didn’t stop! I now feel connected to Taking the Reins and am cheering for the girls. Thank you, having watched it I feel like I was given a gift.”
-Stacey Hong, Senior Writer, Advancement Communications at California Institute of Technology 

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