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CALTECH: Science is for Sharing

BingsWings Productions was delighted and honored to create this video for the venerable Caltech Campaign. A growing number of Caltech students, postdocs, and faculty members are sharing their love of science and engineering with Pasadena-area schoolchildren. In this video, graduate student Arian Jadbabaie conducts a science lesson for students using a superconductivity demo kit as...
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Francois Tissot, Caltech Assistant Professor of Geochemistry

Bingswings Productions proudly created five new promo videos for the esteemed Caltech: "Science in 60 Seconds - scholars across disciplines explain their health-related research.” In this video, Francois Tissot, Assistant Professor of Geochemistry, explains the connection between his investigation into the way the solar system was formed and his cancer research....
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