Taking the Reins

TAKING THE REINS “Empowering Girls through Horsepower”
At-risk, inner city girls who are falling through the cracks, living in areas with the least amount of green space in Los Angeles are empowered by ‘Taking the Reins’ – a nonprofit, urban barn where the girls learn everything about caring for and riding horses, and learning how to eat healthfully through an organic garden – and even raising chickens. The nearly 100 year-old barn houses the program and the horses, and is tucked away – in the middle of the city. Read the testimonials here.

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  1. I am not a “horse guy”, but this short documentary almost turned me into one. The story is heartwarming and the production is absolutely perfect. We sent a donation shortly after watching the video. Nice job BingsWings.

  2. BingsWingsProductions BingsWingsProductions

    Thank you Mike. How great that you are supporting Taking the Reins! Well deserved by them.

  3. Wow, amazing video. So touching to see these at-risk girls have a chance to improve their lives by caring and being responsible for horses. It brought me to tears to see the difference it makes in their lives. Thank you for telling their story so beautifully and for sharing it with us.

    • BingsWingsProductions BingsWingsProductions

      Thank you Carol, for opening your heart up to Taking the Reins.

  4. “Empowering Girls” was heartwarming, smart, touching and yet informative at the same time. In just a few minutes you understood the program and what they are doing for young women. BingsWings Productions did an impressive job on this documentary. What a great way to fundraise for a very worthy endeavor.

    • BingsWingsProductions BingsWingsProductions

      Thank you Susan. Much appreciated and BingsWings agrees about the worthy endeavor!

  5. I had the pleasure of showing your video to a young friend of mine who is considering going into “Hippo Therapy,” where physical therapists and occupational therapists use horses to help autistic children. She was so impressed with Taking the Reigns and how you so beautifully expressed their work with teenage girls. It was, as always, so inspiring!

    • BingsWingsProductions BingsWingsProductions

      How lovely, thank you Cadge! TTR is such a fantastic program and the video remains one of my all-time faves.

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