• Giving you the highest possible quality
  • Ensuring that your nonprofit or business can compete in the crowded local market.

A recent BingsWings Productions’ short documentary fundraising video helped a private school client raise one million dollars within the first month of use; and a smaller nonprofit with chapters in five states raised nearly half a million dollars in multi-year pledges.

BingsWings Productions works exclusively with two Directors of Photography/Editors who each have 20+ years in the industry. Fifteen of those years were spent shooting and editing videos for owner Diane Kelber. A highlight of their combined credits include:

  • M.S. in Film from Boston University
  • DP on shorts, PSAs, cable & network TV, features, 300+ commercials, and documentaries
  • Editing national commercials, promos, TV shows, and fundraisers
  • Current editor at NBC Network National News for 4+ years


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