Q?What is BingsWings Production’s Mission?

Heart. Humor. Humanity. BingsWings Productions “gives wings” to businesses and nonprofits by providing high quality yet affordable short documentary fundraisers, PSAs and promotionals, lighting up an organization from its core.

Q?Want more information? Need a bid? Want to discuss an upcoming project?

Contact us here.

Q?What else does BingsWings Productions do?

We are also available for general PR projects. Message info@BingsWingsProductions.com for further information.

Q?What Opens Someone’s Heart – and Wallet?

The answer is real, life-changing client stories. A BingsWings Productions private school client raised one million dollars in the first month of using the video in their fundraising campaign! When a success story is told from an emotional viewpoint, it connects hearts in a way that just facts and figures or static pictures do not. In the last decade, Diane’s and now BingsWings Productions’ short documentaries have also helped nonprofits with chapters in Upland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Phoenix, Austin, and Denver raise nearly half a million dollars in multi-year pledges at their fundraising events.
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Q?What should I expect?

Your vital message needs to be shared! You may have a clear idea of what you want to say. Or perhaps you are looking for someone to help capture your message.

  • You will have one-on-one meetings with your key staff + Diane
  • Diane will help identify the most relevant ideas and take care of everything including:
    • Helping to select your most compelling clients to interview
    • Writing—or helping you write the outline
    • Selecting the shooting locations
    • Hiring crew, carefully scheduling shoot days
    • Conducting all interviews
    • Editing, voice-overs, music selection
    • Providing the finished product in multiple formats, if needed

In fact, BingsWings Productions is able to provide the highest quality production values while keeping your costs down, because owner Diane wears so many hats. At the same time, BingsWings Productions prides itself on being very respectful to the surroundings so your work will be minimally impacted during shooting. Contact us!

Q?Why is BingsWings Productions Different than Other Production Companies?

Owner/Director Diane Kelber has nearly 20 years as a Communications Director in the nonprofit sector both locally and nationally. She spent those years teaming up with development directors, clients, and volunteers, creating videos and other material that speak to an audience in a visceral way. Diane is also a professional actress, able to instantly connect with interview subjects. Most people freeze in front of a camera; working with Diane allows them to open up to the camera for surprisingly candid interviews. Her crew consists of top Hollywood professionals, giving her documentaries the highest possible quality to ensure that one can compete in the crowded Southern California market. [Fun Fact:Have you seen Diane on TV?]

Q?Who Doesn’t Need a Video?

This is a rhetorical question! BingsWings Productions videos instantly connect with the viewer and tell your unique, personal story on a deep level in very little time. Every company has a wealth of success stories and subjects who would love to tell the world how their lives have changed for the better.

For nonprofits, the world has grown increasingly business-like and one must stand out from the others in order to survive the competition for support dollars. For other businesses as well, people don’t have the patience to read! They want to see what sets you apart, and hear testimonials. Additionally, a two to eight-minute documentary video created for websites, events, or speaking engagements can be repurposed into a shorter video for social media, or even as a 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Experts agree that custom videos get your visitors to spend more time on your website, actively engaging them with information they will remember through the storytelling. Putting a face on your clients and services will create an active bond that resonates with potential clients. Contact us!

Q?Who are BingsWings’ Clients?

A partial list includes:

Even if you don’t have footage or many images, BingsWings Productions can provide a video using stock footage and photos. There’s no excuse not to have a video on your website! Watch an example of this here! Contact Us here.

Q?What if I already have photos and/or video footage?

If you have high quality content, BingsWings Productions can turn it into a beautiful finished product. See this example from the Ambassadors of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.